Retail Store hours-Mon-Fri,10to4pm. Sat.10to2pm.

6-Diets to choose from—
Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Duck and Rabbit. All ground with bone.
also, *one pound tube of Ground ORGAN MIX*.(beef liver,heart,and kidney). and *puree Veggi mix*, both sold separately.
All meats are USDA inspected and processed at this location.

WE also offer—-
*Turkey,Duck, and Chicken Necks*
*pig Ears and Tails*
*Turkey, Beef, Lamb, and Chicken hearts.*
*Chicken Liver*
*Duck Feet* *Duck Wings*
*Duck Necks*
*Marrow Bones* large small,And knuckles
*Beef Kidney* Lamb kidney*
*Beef liver* *Chicken liver*Lamb Liver*
* USA Bully Sticks*
*Bone broth,*dehydrated all meat treats,and pig ears*,all natural,USA, made Here,